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What Bloggers Say

From Elizabeth Silver

Hidden tunnels, a castle, Paris, a mystery, deceit, and a questionable inheritance. Rachel Farraday was the lucky one to be chosen by Madame de Villier to assist in researching the history of her chateau and also in a surprise that may have or may not have been planned and a surprise that turned out to not be a good one. The fun began along with mystery and tragedy not too long after Rachel arrived.

The book was part history, part mystery, and just plain good old European living. All the things I enjoy reading about.

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Jacob Donley Reviews

Caroline Miller has produced a work with characters that draw you into the work. Also, she keeps you guessing about what is REALLY going on at the chateau. Though this type of work isn’t my normal type of read, I enjoyed it from cover to cover. I would recommend TROMPE’ L’OEIL to anyone that enjoys a good character driven mystery.

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From Julie’s Reviews

Many times in life things are not what they appear. And sometimes people are thrown into situations so complicated that it’s difficult to know who to trust.

The author, Caroline Miller, weaves this story in such a way that drew me in from the very beginning. Although this is a stand alone novel, this book could easily be made into a trilogy. I would highly recommend her novel to anyone that is a fan of suspense and intrigue.

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What Critics Say

Another page-turner is Trompe L’Oeil (To Fool the Eye) by Caroline Miller ($14.95, Kono Pono, softcover) whose previous novel, “Gothic Spring”, was recommended by yours truly. When a young college student, Rachel Farraday, gets an assignment in the French countryside to chronicle the story of a chateau during height of the French-Algerian war, she discovers his dark history of murder and, when her employer dies suddenly, she also learns that she has become the co-inheritor of the chateau with a likely insane young man. The inheritance threatens her life and I guarantee that you will want to read it through in one sitting.

Alan Caruba

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March 2013

Suspense builds as the reader tries to decipher what is real and what is illusion. Ms. Miller’s knowledge of literature and poetry is cleverly interjected into the story giving the book traces of more classical literature.

Southeast Examiner of Portland, Oregon January 2013

Recommended reading by Statesman Journal Media columnist, Barbara Curtain

Statesman Journal of Salem, Oregon February 2013


What Readers Say

Read it in 2 days, could hardly put it down.

Mark Fivecoat

When on the final page of Trompe l’Oeil all is revealed, the reader can only take a deep breath and admire the consistent and high level of mental energy sustaining this complex and emotion-stirring narrative … Our friend Hesse would have approved, but so will lesser mortals, because the average reader will find the writing much more transparent and engaging than his … Trompe l’Oeil has the added virtue of being narrated from a woman’s point of view — perhaps an unintended, but nonetheless powerful corrective to Hesse’s male-dominated fantasies of soul in relation to mind, art and its uneasy coexistence with reality, nature/nurture and many similar mysteries …

– Pete

CCaroline Miller’s Trompe L’Oeil: To Fool the Eye is an artful creation of Gothic suspense. You are ensnared on the first page, compelled to walk the chateau’s dark hallways beside heroine Rachel Farraday until you both discover the story’s surprising end. In Trompe l’Oeil Miller’s elegant prose once again displays a deft mastery of every gothic element. Atmosphere, suspense, mystery, fear, and the supernatural combine perfectly to create a world of unrelenting unease. Be prepared to get lost in it.
Susan Stoner, author of Sage Adair Historical Mystery Series

Caroline Miller has done it again! She has captivated the imagination with her engaging storyline and exquisitively developed characters. And then she blows the mind with a surprise ending! All of her books are worth reading and passing on to friends. I eagerly await her next creation.

ALC through Amazon

I really found Trompe l’Oeil thrilling – good pace.

Kitty Snyman
CEO Rufaro Travel Agency, SA.



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