Getting Lost to Find Home

Join Caroline Miller’s youthful adventure of the 1960s, just out of college, engaged, and headed for the English countryside when heartbreak forces her to detour to East Africa. It’s a turbulent time as empires crumble and UHURU, the cry for freedom, shatters the peace. Now available! Reviews Anne Hillerman, Author of the Chee/Leaphorn/Manuelito mysteries including The Way of the Bear, … Read More

Gothic Spring

Many young women don’t remember this but in the 1960s, when I was fresh out of college and looking for work, job advertisements in the newspapers were divided into two columns: “Jobs for Women,” and “Jobs for Men.” Much of the work listed on the men’s page, like public relations or personnel, was considered unsuitable for women. I applied anyway, … Read More

Heart Land

Heart Land is a fictional memoir of a boy growing up in rural Ohio between 1930 and 1940, a time of social and historic importance that still resonates in American political life. Caroline Miller establishes a humorous and poignant tone in a style that is arresting from the first page. At heart, the story is driven by distant memories, evoked from … Read More

Trompe l’Oeil

Death, intrigue, Trompe l’Oeil asks readers, “Is this real…or some trick of the eye? (Portland, Oregon) – A French chateau with a shadowy history. An unexpected windfall for a young college graduate on her first professional assignment. Suspense builds and reality becomes unrecognizable in Trompe l’Oeil, the latest novel by Caroline Miller. Critics already call the Portland author’s prose “…profound, … Read More

Ballet Noir

The First novel under Rutherford Classics Publishing is Ballet Noir by Caroline Miller a woman of many distinctions. Caroline collaborated with the former lead dancer for the Oregon Ballet Theater, Alexandrous Ballard.  He had recently retired and his  dream was to start a new company, one which combined the grace of classical ballet with the more athletic choreography being developed in … Read More