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Ballet Noir
Caroline Miller

9780998169767, $15.99, PB, 216pp, www.amazon.com

Experiencing her first tour in Europe, Tara Bentley is a young prima ballerina with a small Seattle dance company who watches her excitement turn to horror when she’s haunted by the voice of her deceased dance teacher, Yelena Natilova. She fears she might be going mad until she meets a necromancer who assures her the voice is real. Is he a charlatan? Or, has he the power to guide her through this nightmare as she struggles to hold her career together? Their dash through the great theaters of Europe becomes the performance of a lifetime with death waiting in the wings. Another terrific read from the pen literary imagination of Caroline Miller, “Ballet Noir” is an original and compelling read that is consistently entertaining from beginning to end. Very highly recommended for community library collections and personal reading lists, “Ballet Noir” clearly demonstrates author Caroline Miller’s impressive mastery of the Paranormal Goth Romance genre.


Silver’s Reviews

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ballet Noir by Caroline Miller

A ballet tour through Europe, a famous ballerina that has passed, and a former student of the deceased ballerina makes for an exciting read with the beautiful, descriptive writing of Caroline Miller.

Tagging along and traveling through Europe with the tour group was fun and exciting as we the readers learned about each city the ballet group stopped in.

Tara was the main character who kept seeing and hearing ghosts that turned out to be someone she knew.

The paranormal aspect of the book wasn’t a favorite because I usually do not read paranormal, but Ms. Miller’s marvelous writing style and story line that included some romance took over, and the paranormal parts even though they were a large part of the storyline, didn’t overpower the book.

If you enjoy traveling in Europe, a bit of romance, and paranormal, you will enjoy BALLET NOIR.  4/5

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